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Local Government - Spring Road Restrictions - Road Maintenance Agreement

Road Maintenance Agreement




The Rural Municipality of Ellice - Archie

(hereinafter referred to as the Municipality)





 (hereinafter referred to as the Hauler)



      The Municipality and the Hauler hereby agree that the locations covered under this

      agreement are as follows:







2.   TERM

      The Term of this agreement shall commence                                and will be finalized

      upon reimbursement by the Hauler of all completed repairs undertaken by the




      Subject to all conditions of this agreement being followed, the Municipality shall

      permit the Hauler to transport materials at normal road maximums during the 20......

      Spring Road Restriction Period.


The Municipality shall post regular notices on the R.M. of Ellice - Archie website to alert the Hauler to road closures due to road conditions and/or weather.  Further, these notices shall be posted no later than 10:00 a.m. or the Hauler shall be contacted directly.

- 2 -


      The Municipality shall file an inspection an inspection report before the

      commencement of this agreement and a final inspection report when the 20......

      Spring Road Restrictions are lifted.  The Hauler may attend the inspections and in all

      cases, a copy of the inspections shall be submitted to the Hauler.



      The Hauler hereby agrees to the following conditions:


      a)  Speed shall be limited to 50 km per hour;


      b)  Upon receiving notification from the Municipality, all hauling shall be immediately



      c)  To reimburse the Municipality 100%* for all repairs made to the aforementioned



*  In the instance of more than one hauler receiving a permit for the same road location, the cost of the repairs shall be split equally between each hauler.  I.E.  2 haulers will pay 50% each, 5 haulers will pay 20% each, etc.



Dated this _____ day of _______________, 20.........





_______________________________              _______________________________

Hauler                                                                  C.A.O.


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Witness                                                                      Signature