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Local Government - Amalgamation

Dear Citizens:

The provincial government is planning on forcing our municipality to amalgamate this spring. What do you think?

In November 2012, The Provincial Government of Manitoba announced that it plans to amalgamate 87 municipalities with fewer than1000 residents before the municipal election next fall. Neither your municipal nor provincial representatives ran on the campaign to amalgamate municipalities.

The organization that represents incorporated municipalities is the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM). The AMM does not oppose amalgamation if it is voluntary. The AMM does, however, strongly oppose forced amalgamation, and it opposes the very short timelines suggested by the government.

It also opposes the elimination of public input through an independent body, the Manitoba Municipal Board, in what may be one of the most important decisions your community will ever make!

The AMM has clearly communicated its position to the provincial government, and offered a number of compromises.

1) The Province of Manitoba should assess the viability and sustainability of the communities it is targeting;

2) The Province could then assist municipalities who choose to amalgamate by providing all the support necessary, monitoring the implementation and highlighting its benefits;

3) And, the Province could work with those municipalities that are struggling to be sustainable on acceptable timelines that will result in better service delivery.

We encourage you to let both your municipal elected officials and your MLA know what you think. To find out who your MLA is please visit

or call 201-866-628-6837.

To comment on the provincial amalgamation Bill at the Manitoba Legislature (450 Broadway in Winnipeg) after it is introduced this spring, please call 204-945-3636.

Your input will ensure those you elected can make an informed decision, based on your democratic rights.

Please make your views known!

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