Road Restriction Road Maintenance Agreement


The Rural Municipality of Ellice – Archie

with its office in McAuley, MB

(hereinafter referred to as the Municipality)





with its office in …………………………………….

 (hereinafter referred to as the Hauler)


The Hauler wishes to haul goods and materials over certain public roads within the municipality during road restrictions. 


The Municipality requires the Hauler to enter into an agreement for repair and restoration costs of haul roads set out below. 


The Municipality shall file an inspection an inspection report before the commencement of this agreement and a final inspection report when the Spring Road Restrictions are lifted.  The Hauler may attend the inspections and in all cases, a copy of the inspections shall be submitted to the Hauler.


The Hauler hereby agrees to the following conditions:

a)      Speed shall be limited to 50 km per hour;

b)      Restrict Weight limits to: 

                                i.            Gravel Roads: 60 kg / 10 mm tire width on any one axle assembly

                              ii.            Paved Roads: 45 kg / 10 mm tire width on any one axle assembly

      c)  Upon receiving notification from the Municipality, all hauling shall be immediately 


d)  To reimburse the Municipality 50%* for all repairs made to the Approved Haul Routes as mentioned in Section 1 below.


*  In the instance of more than one hauler receiving a permit for the same road location, the cost of the repairs shall be split equally between each hauler.  I.E.  2 haulers will pay 25% each, 5 haulers will pay 10% each, etc.



The Hauler will be responsible for a share of repair costs on approved hauling routes. 


The Municipality and the Hauler hereby agree that the locations covered under this agreement are as follows:

               Road                                                                                   Percentage          

               i.e. Rd 167W bet 81N and 79N                                              50%    




The Hauler approves the following trucking companies to haul on their behalf over the Approved Haul Routes: 

               Trucking Company               Contact Name                       Phone #



The Hauler will be repsonsible for repair of bridges, culverts or other structures damaged as a result of the haul or pay to the municplality its cost of repair within 30 days of written notification of damages.


Upon completion of the haul or if deemed necessary upon inspection by the Public Works Foreman and in agreement with a representative of the Hauler, pay to the municipality the percentage of costs agreed to in Section 1 to restore the road to the condition in which it existed before the haul or otherwise as may be agreed with the municipality. 



Subject to all conditions of this agreement being followed, the Municipality shall:


(a)    Permit the Hauler to transport materials at normal road maximums during the Spring Road Restriction Period.


(b)   Upon completion of the haul, gravel and restore the haul roads to the condition in which they existed before the haul.


(c)    The Municipality shall contact the Hauler directly to alert of any road closures due to road conditions and / or weather.

   Hauler Contact Name:                                                            

   Hauler Contact Ph:                                                                  

               Hauler Contact Email:                                                             



The Hauler shall appoint a representative for the purpose of this section. The Municipality’s representative shall be the Public Works Foreman. 


(a)    The Representatives shall inspect the road together prior to the commencement of the haul to establish the condition of the road.


(b)   Following completion of the haul, the representatives shall inspect the road for the purpose of determining what if any damage occurred as a result of the haul. 





(a)    If either party is of the opinion that the other party has not complied with any term or terms of this agreeement, that party shall give notice in writing to the other party within 30 days of the final inspection completed pursuant to clause 4(b). In the absense of written notice pursuant to this clause, the agreement shall be deemed to be property completed and no action may be maintained by either party respecting any breach of this agreement.


(b)   In the event the parties are unable to resolve any complaint with respect to which notice in writing has been given pursuant to clause 5(a) the matter or matters of dispute shall be sumbitted to binding arbitration by a single arbitrator. 


(c)    The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on both parties. 





      The Term of this agreement shall commence                                       and will be finalized

      upon reimbursement by the Hauler of all completed repairs undertaken by the 





Dated this _____ day of _______________, 2017.



_______________________________                      _______________________________

                                                                                    Trisha Huberdeau, CAO

Hauler                                                                         Municipality




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