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Payment Options

In Person

Bring your payment to the Municipal Office located at 318 Railway Ave, McAuley or 331 Main St, St. Lazare.



 You can send an E-Transfer to 

  • Please include your name, roll number, account number or description of payment in the memo field to ensure the payment is applied to the correct account. 
  • Please send a second email to with the answer to the security question.


By Mail 

 Make cheques payable to RM of Ellice - Archie and Mail to:

 RM of Ellice - Archie

Box 67

McAuley, MB R0M 1H0

Cheques post-dated up to the due date are gladly accepted.  Cheques received after the due date, will be charged the regular monthly interest of 1.00%. Post mark on the envelope does not ensure payment will be received on time.   


Returned Payments

The RM of Ellice - Archie will charge a service fee on all payments that are returned by the financial institution.