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Spring Road Restrictions

Public Notice

R.M. of Ellice - Archie Spring Road Restriction

The R.M. of Ellice - Archie Council will be implementing Spring Road Restrictions, coinciding with the onset of Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation Spring Road Restrictions, which are commenced March 19th, 2022 at 6:00 am CST.

In order to reduce damage to municipal roads, the following limits will apply:

  • Gravel Roads: Weight will be limited to 60 kg per 10 mm of tire width on any one axle assembly.
  • Paved Roads: Weight will be limited to 45 kg per 10 mm of tire width on any one axle assembly. 
  • Speed limits on all roads will be reduced to 50 kms per hour for the entire durations
     of Spring Road Restrictions.

If overweight hauling during Spring Road Restrictions is required, an authorization from the R.M. of Ellice - Archie will be mandatory.  Permit forms are available from the R.M. office or on our website (  Please allow a minimum of 2 business days for processing of your application.  The following information will be required for every permit.

  1. A detailed map indicating the roads you wish to use, with the points you wish to
     access clearly marked;
  2. A list of companies/individuals who will be hauling; and 
  3. A road maintenance agreement duly signed by the individual having authority, roads may be inspected prior to haul and after, roads must be rectified to pre-haul conditions.  

Motor Carriers and other businesses should plan spring time activities based on these road restrictions.  For more information please contact: the R.M. Office at 204-722-2053.


Trisha Huberdeau, Chief Administrative Officer